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April 25, 2009
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Barn Games--TF Story

So there he was, staring off into the vast, lush
green pastures outside of the barn. Liam and his kid sister,
Danielle were supposed to be preoccupied with their daily
chores. Pitchfork in hand, Liam was quite the sight. After
working in barns for most of his life, you'd think that you
could build up quite the physical strength. Liam was no
Liam, a 17-year-old now, was getting sidetracked at
the thoughts of freedom. It would be only one year before he
would be allowed to take off from his grandfather's farm. He
stared off into the pastures blankly, daydreaming about how
he would approach life in solitude.
He tuned back into the present when he heard Danielle
yelling his name. "Liam!" she said angrliy, "You still have
to do your part here. This hay isn't going to move itself
into bales, you know."
"Oh. Right," Liam said disappointedly. He went over
to his half of the hay to move and used his pitchfork to make
a stack about a foot tall and a foot wide. Then, with his
hands, he made sure that it was all turned in the same way to
make tying it easier. Then, sticking the fork in the top of
the haystack, he got some nylon cord and tightly wound,
wrapped, compressed, and tied off the newly formed bale of
hay. He then picked it up and threw it into the back of the
pick-up truck bound for the dairy barn down the "road" from
their current location.
Liam bent over and begin to repeat this process so he
could be done and maybe go to a friend's house or watch some
TV, even though they only had a few channels.
Right as he finished, he put his fork up against the
wall of their barn and was about to head back to the house
when Danielle called to him, "Liam! Do you want to play a
Liam looked at his watch and replied, "Why not? I've
got nothing better to do," and he went back to the barn to
see his sister. "What game?" he asked.
"OOH! I know! How about we play the one we made up
last week? You know the one where you pretend that you are a
bull and I am the bull fighter," she giggled.
"But we played it just a few days ago! Don't you want
to play something else?" Liam asked.
"But this one is more fun! Come on, big brother, will
you please play with me?"
Liam knew he didn't really want to play this game
again. But he loved Danielle to death and couldn't resist it
when she talked like this. "Okay, then," he said.
"YAY!" Danielle squealed with delight. She went to
the back of the barn to look for the tablecloth she used as
the red cloth to make her "bull" angry.
When she returned, Liam had gotten into his place near
the huge barn door. Danielle, standing about ten feet in
front of him, began to wave her folded red tablecloth up and
down. Liam, leaned forward a bit, putting his hands up beside
his head to sort of make him some horns. Brushing his left
leg backwards through the dirt like an angry bull, Liam looked
ready to charge.
And charge he did, running quickly to Danielle's
tablecloth, and just as he ran at it, at the last second she
ripped it up away from his head so he would not hit anything
at all. Danielle giggled.
This process continued, and as reluctant as Liam was
in the first place to play the game with his little sister,
he was enjoying this very much. About half an hour later, he
and his sister were both worn out completely.
"Whew," he said, gasping for breath. "That was fun.
Tell you what, Danielle, you probably need to go inside and
rest a little bit. I'll finish up out here for a bit."
"Okay," Danielle said. And right before she got to
the house, she turned back and said, "Thank you for playing
the game with me." Then she turned and went inside.
Liam decided to go ahead and close up the barn for
the day. Then, staring at the truck full of hay-bales that he
still had yet to deliver to the dairy barn, he thought it
best to drive the truck to the barn.
He arrived at the barn and took opened up the
tailgate of the truck to take the hay out and give it to each
one of the cows in the barn. When he was walking between the
cows' stalls, he noticed that one of the cows was not in her
"That's no good..." he said. "Granddad will flip if
he hears about this..."
He looked into the cow's pen to see if she was really
gone. As it turns out, the cow had completely disappeared,
leaving no signs of it even being there in the first place.
"What's this?" Liam said, puzzled. He spotted the
cow's cowbell laying on the ground where it used to be. He
picked it up and carried it back to the truck with him, so he
could drive back to his grandfather's house and break the bad
news to him.
When Liam started the truck, he realized that he would
not be able to drive back down the narrow path back to his
house with only one hand free. He had to think of a place to
put the cowbell, and the first place that came to mind was
for him to wear it around his neck.
It felt strange to Liam, driving a truck back to the
barn with a cowbell around his neck. But it was no matter,
because he would take it off when he had parked the truck.
He drove the truck up to the barn door and stopped it.
Putting it in park, Liam got out of the truck and reached
up to his neck to take off the cowbell when what he saw
really freaked him out.
Liam's fingers were all melding together and forming
a hard structure on the palms of his deformed hands. Liam
said, "What the heck?"
Liam tried to take off the cowbell from around his
neck, but to his surprise, his arms were growing almost too
short to reach his neck in the first place.
Shortly after, Liam realized that he had gotten a bit
shorter from the looks of it. Liam looked down and jumped a
little bit when he saw that his legs had also grown much
shorter than they had been. He stared in surprise as they
shrunk down to about the length of his arms after they
Liam was speechless as he watched his arms and legs
grow thinner towards the bottom and wider and fatter near the
thighs and shoulders. They took on a generally rounded
appearance, and it seemed that Liam was becoming unable to
support himself with his lower legs. Without warning, he
grunted when he landed on all fours.
Liam's legs and arms began to spread a bit farther
apart from each other as his body began to get larger and
much heavier. He was shocked. He saw that his body was going
through some scary changes, and at the same time felt very
relaxed in the process. He couldn't help but ask himself,
"Will I be able to go back to my old self if this is all
really happening?"
No sooner had he thought that than his body had begun
to outgrow the clothes he was wearing. The pants he had on
were tearing and falling to the ground and his shirt was
already torn apart. He had to step out of his boots, though.
His entire chest-to-groin area was rapidly getting
much larger, and he could feel the bones and organs shifting
around to different locations in his body.
His ribs grew massively to match the enormous size of
his fattening body. He felt his lungs expand to large sizes,
and the muscles near his posterior end shift to different
parts around his bladder. He was now becoming unaware of the
fact that he could no longer hold in his urges to go to the
restroom, and without realizing, he took a pretty large dump
in the middle of his pile of torn clothes and shoes.
His stomach-area began to feel like it was getting
very large--almost as if it had split in two. Now he became
very hungry, and he had a huge craving for some vegetables,
though the thought of their taste he could no put a finger
Liam's spine began to thicken and expand to a much
longer length. When it felt as if it had reached his rear end,
it kept going a little bit further. Liam was unable to turn
his head around and observe the slowly-lengthening tail
that was forming. Once it stopped growing outward, a small
tuft of white hair puffed out on its tip.
Suddenly Liam felt very funny. The feeling almost
tickled him. On the top of his belly, what felt like a
rubbery bag was beginning to form from his skin. In four
separate places on this structure, he felt little knot-like
things begin to poke out. Finally he realized that they felt
sort of like tip of a baby bottle.
Liam was aware now of what he was becoming. But he
felt careless about it. A part of him wanted to go back to
the way that he was, but at the same time, he wasn't going
to lose anything much out of what was happening to him. If
fate so wished for him to be a cow, then a cow he would be.
Suddenly, the rubber sac on his belly began to fill
up with liquid. It made him feel so odd. But the feeling was
just unbearably pleasant that he couldn't think ill of it. He
couldn't help but grin and stifle some laughter while it
filled and formed an udder.
Then a sudden, serious jolt of pain struck his
emotions. "Oh no! What about Gramps and Danielle? What will
happen to them if they find out I'm not me?" he thought. The
idea almost pained him too much to think. But then again, he
felt very pleased right about now, so he wasn't worried.
Currently, the only part of his body that didn't feel
changed was head. But realizing that this little process was
almost over, he knew it had to come very soon.
To his surprise, the head was not immediately next up.
All over his body, he felt a thin coat of short, fibrous
hairs sprout. They traveled from his chest, to his limbs, to
his back, and all the way to his tail. On a few different spots
on his body, the hairs were not white, but black, creating some
large spots resembling ones that he had definitely seen on his
grandfather's dairy cows. They then reached Liam's neck and
halted temporarily.
"Now goes my head..." thought Liam.
He was correct this time. His nose flattened out on
his face and his entire head got large enough to match the
size of the rest of his body. His nose and mouth both pushed
out in unison to form somewhat of a snout. His nose felt a
bit more leathery than it had before, and he felt all of the
teeth in his mouth reshape themselves to create what felt like
a mouthful of molar teeth.
Liam's ears got significantly larger and pushed up
the side of his head. They rounded themselves out slightly
and thickened before having tufts of white hair pushing out
of them.
As a finishing touch, in between his ears and on the
top of Liam's head, two hard stubs poked up, forming some
small horns. At last the rest of the hair consumed his head.
"Is that all?" Liam wanted to ask himself. But when
he tried to speak, no words came out except for a long, low
"Moooooo." A second time Liam tried to assure himself that
he wasn't really a full cow by speaking to himself, but only
got the same results.
Liam now knew not what to do. He shook his head and
started walking back to the dairy barn, but it was a bit too
late. His grandfather and Danielle came to check on Liam. But
to their astonishment, It appeared that one of the cows had
made its way out of the barn and all the way to the house. His
grandfather and his sister led Liam back to the dairy barn.
The whole walk to the barn, Liam tried to tell his
relatives what had really happened, and who he really was.
But no matter how hard he tried to speak, he could only
produce that mooing sound that cows make rather than talk.
"What is up with this cow, Grandpa?" Danielle asked.
"Not sure..." Gramps replied.
Though his grandfather and sister didn't ever check
on Liam as they wanted to, they had actually found him, even
though they had no idea that it was happening while they were.
An idea, and more like a request from :iconoy19:

She gave me critique on my previous stories and a couple of ideas for the future.

Liam, a boy who works on the form becomes the cow that mysteriously vanished from the dairy barn.
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